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Chilly Chilifest Dec 2, 2017

It's BACK! Chilly Chilifest will be held on December 2nd this year and will be more fun than ever! As with past years, this is a CASI Certified PA State Championship Chili Competition - Governor Certified and everything! - and is an auto-qualifier to the Terlingua National Chili Championship in TX.

BUT for all you non-professional, great chili makin' folks out there, you don't have to enter the CASI Competition if you don't want to! You can bring a pot o chili - we recommend 3 gallons or more - and let the PEOPLE decide who really has the best chili in PA! That's right, this is a pro contest and a People's Choice Contest! Tons of fun and lots of friendly competition - Oh yeah, and THERE'S PRIZE MONEY TOO!!

For those of you who are PEOPLE!...stop out for a great day of chili tastin', eatin", and fun! The Chilly Chilifest is open and FREE to the public. If you want to taste some chili, there is a fee for tasting and all the proceeds from the tastings stay local and go to support the Exchange Club of Greencastle's effort to buy Christmas presents for underpriveleged kids in Franklin County! What a great cause! There will also be some great BBQ sampling going on, demonstrations, music, special sales at the store and more!

For more information and for the registration form to enter the Chilly Chilifest Contest, see the .pdf links below - it's ONLY $25.00 to Register - total! Pro, People's Choice, or both...ONLY $25.00!!

Also attached below, you'll find the pesky rules for the event - and rules for both CASI and Peoples Choice Chili!

COME ON OUT! See you soon!