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270 Smokers

At 270 Smokers we believe the basis for creating great BBQ is the ability to consistently control the heat and smoke within a cooking environment. To achieve this, we designed our line of insulated cabinet smokers with a unique shape and heated draft (Patent Pending) that work in concert to optimize airflow in the cooking chamber. Our design creates one of the most stable, uniform and efficient cooking environments to be found in a smoker. These attributes, along with portability and ample cooking capacity, make the 270 line of smokers a great choice for both the beginning backyard cook and experienced Pit Master alike.

270 Smoker Memphis

The Memphis is the "go to" smoker for competitive pitmasters as well as for catering and restaurant operations!
Enjoy the temperature uniformity and stability that a 270 Smoker is famous for, while tapping into the extra capacity that the Memphis affords.


270 Smokers KC

The KC is designed to enable pitmasters to compete in a KCBS competition (or similar event) on a single smoker, whether you prefer to cook "low and slow" or "hot and fast".


270 Smokers Hollywood

The Hollywood is our newest model and is named in memory of our dear friend, Bill "Hollywood'nSwine" Allen.
The Hollywood is based on our popular Sumo model, with reinforcements to enable smoking up to 400F (v 350F in the Sumo) -- great news for those who may like to cook "hot 'n fast" or to bake.
*We added 2 inches of additional depth v the Sumo to further optimize airflow and increase capacity, and increased the number of shelf rails from 4 to 7 to give more options for meat placement.